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Email Marketing

With all of the digital marketing strategies that exist, is email marketing – which is often considered a strategy from the past – effective in this day and age? But the fact remains that email is a big part of our life and we use it to communicate on a daily basis.


Close to 4 billion people in the world use email. That is an astonishing figure and mind-blowing that it is now one of the primary ways we communicate on a day-to-day basis. In the United States alone, 95% of adults use email to communicate. This presents a great business opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to reach out and grab new customers through email marketing. But how do you get new and relevant emails to grab new emerging markets and how do you know if the emails that you send out, will actually be read or will they be trashed in their junk mail? Various strategies exist to capture (a) prospective customers and (b) to ensure your emails are being read.

The Backbone of Internet Marketing

Email marketing is a dynamic and effective way to connect with people. Everyone has an email address! That’s the great thing, but, as a business owner, you need to get to in-market customers who are looking for your services but cannot find you. Email is a great outreach marketing effort, but it needs to be personalized and needs to be relevant, otherwise, people will delete it before they open it. So it needs an attractive and relevant heading. It needs to be tailor-made for the person in the right stage of the buyers’ journey.


When it comes to grabbing and cutting into new emerging markets, email is a great way to interact with your audience directly and strengthen your relationship through constant communication. Despite many thinking that email is an obsolete way to connect with people, when it comes to getting new business, it has a higher conversion rate than “newer” technologies like social media. It is economical and cost-effective and it does not cost you anything except for time and good strategies!

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1. Keyword Search

▪ Offer curated content in email
▪ Visually stunning
▪ Website Content Writing
▪ Content Optimization

2. Competitive Analysis

▪ User the 90-10 rule
▪ Build a relationship with your subscribers
▪ Convert email leads
▪ Optimize content

3. Link Building

▪ Make it personable
▪ Ensure it’s unique
▪ Valuable and enticing offers
▪ Content Optimization

4. Web Marketing Analytics

▪ Internal Link Structuring
▪ HTML Code Cleanup
▪ Website Content Writing
▪ Content Optimization