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SEO Strategy Using Long Tail Keywords

SEO vs Digital Marketing: What is the Difference?

While using popular keywords is the way to go to improve search engine rankings, overuse of search terms or over stuffing them can result with a penalty – getting sandboxed by Google. Over reliance on a popular keyword is not a good strategy because the time your website will spend in the sandbox can take as long as a year. However, while your website sits in the sandbox with that keyword term, you can use a selection of long tail keywords to target more serious customers.

If your website has been sandboxed by Google, the expert’s advice is to use long tail keywords that are less popular and less searched for to rank in Google. This approach can significantly help to increase your website traffic from organic search results (SERPS). You can target customers with keyword terms that are less competitive and easier to rank for in Google. Using this method has been proven to improve sales, improve lead generation and increase revenue.

The significant advantage of using long tail keywords is the savings you will enjoy from not using online advertising platforms such as Adwords and Overture to generate website traffic. Clever deployment of such keywords will free you from over reliance on Adwords and Overture and the high costs of their clicks.

The aim is to identify a niche and seldom-used keyword terms based on the quality of a search engine result. People with specific needs are prepared to dig deeper by using long tail keywords to search for a more relevant and quality result. It is more likely that people who are in this category are more serious in finding a solution to their problems and are more likely to spend.

“Pet Services” is an example of a highly competitive search phrase. To narrow down on the competition and take advantage of a niche market, an example of a relevant long tail keyword would be “Pet Services Consultant San Diego”. This narrows down to the searcher’s specific needs. Location is always a good word to use because your services now become very specific to a certain area.

Professional webmasters use SEO tools such as Wordtracker and Hit Tail in their website content to assist them in finding long tail keywords. These are tools of the trade and are something which you cannot do without. You cannot write website content based on keywords that you generate out of your own vocabulary. That will not work. Writing articles with quality content targeting such long tail keywords can be very profitable and the website traffic generated using the selection of phrases can meet or exceed the traffic generated by more competitive keywords.

So make long tail keywords a part of your SEO strategy and write content that flow naturally with such words. The use of long tail keywords may get you a better ranking than just stuffing your content with keywords and getting penalised for that. Do not be repetitive with words and phrases and make sure that your website is informative and pleasant to read.

Why Long-Tail SEO Keyword Strategies are the Key

When it comes to SEO, long-tail keywords are often your best friend. These are the keywords that are more specific and targeted to a certain audience. Because they are so specific, long-tail keywords tend to have less competition, which means you have a better chance of ranking for them.

Not only that, but long-tail keywords are also more likely to convert. This is because people who use long-tail keywords are generally further along in the buying cycle and are thus more ready to purchase.

If you want to make the most of long-tail keywords, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re including them in your title tags and meta descriptions. This will help your website come up in more relevant searches. Second, use long-tail keywords throughout your website’s content. Try to pepperthem into blog posts, product descriptions, and even image alt tags. The more places you include them, the better.

Finally, don’t forget to track your long-tail keyword rankings. This will help you see how well your SEO efforts are paying off and which keywords are performing the best. By focusing on long-tail keywords, you can give your website a serious boost in the search engine rankings.

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